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Utah Tech University Provides Students With a Wide Range of Study Abroad Programs

The study abroad program at Utah Tech is an opportunity for students to learn about different places around the world and the cultures that come with it while getting to travel to the places they are learning about.  

Utah Tech University is a public institution in St. George, Utah, formerly known as Dixie State University and other similar names. The university offers master's, bachelor's, and associate degrees. UT has 12,556 students enrolled as of fall 2022. Utah Tech University serves as an open-access university that provides open educational resources. 

Utah Tech University

Students can participate in the study abroad programme in two ways: 

1. Faculty-led programmes
2. Affiliate programmes.

1. Faculty-led programmes Utah Tech Study Abroad:

Faculty-Led Programmes are supervised by a Utah Tech professor and range in length from one week to ten weeks. They are typically offered during the summer semester. Because these are UT courses, they are easily integrated into students' degree plans. On most faculty-led programmes, you will be with the same group of students, and the professor will plan the majority of the activities. This makes faculty-led programmes suitable to students seeking a structured experience for a limited time. 

All Program Offerings:

1. Peruvian Amazon Natural History (The Amazon )
2. Community Global Health Nursing Clinical (Costa Rica )
3. Dental Health Services Study Abroad (Dominican Republic)
4. Dance Travel Studies (Florence, Italy)
5. Intercultural Communication or Independent Study (Greece & Italy)
6. Global Sport and Leisure Perspectives (Ireland)
7. Art Travel Study: London, Paris, Amsterdam (London, Paris, and Amsterdam)
8. Jewels of Oman: 9-Day Cultural and Archaeological Expedition (Oman)
9. Service Learning Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)
10.Peacebuilding and Reconciliation with Myanmar Migrants in Thailand (Thailand)
11. Creative Writing: Study Abroad Japan (Tokyo/Kyoto, Japan)
12. Population Health (Uganda)

2. Affiliate Programs Utah Tech Study Abroad:

The Affiliate programs are similar to the Faculty-Led programs, but in this case, students have the choice to go for a summer, semester or full-year trip. Students who attend this program will take classes in universities and academic centers chosen by the affiliation. Those classes and the credits students get from them will automatically get put on their transcript for credit.

The study abroad snapshot online booklet offers more in-depth information on the step-by-step instructions on how to apply as well as the details of the destinations that are available.

The programs that the university offers have requirements to qualify to apply which include:  
  • Being 18 years or older
  • Having a 2.5 GPA or higher
  • Being enrolled in a degree-seeking program while abroad
  • in good academic, disciplinary and community standing.
  • Meeting any additional prerequisites of the program to which they are applying
This yearly opportunity is an immersive and inclusive way for students all over campus to learn firsthand about the world.

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